Mapping the Artist: Stephen Linsteadt


An interview with artist and poet Stephen Linsteadt

Stephen’s sensitive and unusual openness invites and affirms the life and creativity of other artists and writers, as he brilliantly encourages us to participate in his artistic journey.

By Kathabela Wilson

A telescope on the artist

How did that passion grow into the quest that it is in your life, and what are you searching for in your art?

“The images that arise in my paintings are mostly auto-biographical or auto-bioemotional. They are like snapshots of my inner The Dancer Upstairs by Stephen Lindsteadt.state. I enjoy painting the female figure. I think the result on the canvas is in some way a record of my relationship to the Archetypal Feminine, which is to say an introspection of my relationship to myself. The idea of painting as a process of self discovery relates to alchemy and personal growth. In this way, painting can be a pursuit of knowing myself at my most authentic level. It is asking the question of what is inside of me that must find its way to the surface. It can actually be quite frightening at times.”

Read the complete interview on Colorado Boulevard>>


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