Love, Live, Forgive

“Love, Live, Forgive” explores the power of love and forgiveness shared in art, music, and writing. It featuliveloveforgiveres exclusive interviews with over 100 artists sharing their art, faith, and values by answering three interview questions within one essay:

Q:  “How can art/music transform our capacity to love and forgive?”
Q:  “What positive values does art/music communicate to the world?”
Q:  “How has your own creative life impacted or transformed your values?”

An interview with Stephen Linsteadt:

“To fully engage in the creative process requires a complete surrender to thinking about it. One’s muse finds you in the space that lies between judging and criticizing ourselves based on self-imposed standards. Creativity is a connection to the heart, which has a separate language from our mind’s thinking and judging. My most successful paintings have always come from that special inner space. It is a space some call the frontier of the spiritual. I think of it in spiritual terms because it is te place where the heart resides as a portal to the source of love, forgiveness, and compassion. If we can truly create from that place, I believe everything else in our outer life takes care of itself.”  read the complete interview>>

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