Osiris Suffocating in a Lead Coffin

The alchemist’s vessel or alembic is hermetically sealed (sealed in lead) where the spirit imprisoned in matter is cooked and suffocated. On a psychological level, it is the process of suffocating or cooking our natural tendency to blame other people and outside events for our problems. I


Reflections on the Infra-thin

Duchamp thought of the infra-thin as representing a space beyond the world of solid things and beings—higher modes outside our ordinary experience.

Dionysus and the Leopard

The Egyptian goddess, Bastet, has a human body and the head of a cat. The feline head contains the feminine aspect with its innate preponderance of thinking of fantasy, festivity, emotions, sense of community, music, magic, and about spiritual activity. This is in contrast to the rigid scientific and mechanistic thinking mode of the male.…

Drowning Nymphs in Paint

Drowning Nymphs in Paint Water nymphs lurking beneath pools of paint shape-shift into images of my paranoia and the foolishness of flesh. If my mind could glimpse my soul it would not return, mesmerized by the radiance of essence. Yet it remains vacant behind blobs of paint laid out on my disposable palette. Anticipation is…