Stephen Linsteadt paintings "Of Sky and Earth"

Of Sky and Earth

The alchemist’s motto “as above, so below” is most beautifully represented by sky and earth, particularly when they are reflected in water and appear to switch places. It was the art critic John Ruskin who pointed out that it is our habit to ignore the infinite vastness of sky. Instead, we tend to think of…


Love, Live, Forgive

“Love, Live, Forgive” explores the power of love and forgiveness shared in art, music, and writing. It features exclusive interviews with over 100 artists sharing their art, faith, and values by answering three interview questions within one essay: Q:  “How can art/music transform our capacity to love and forgive?” Q:  “What positive values does art/music…

The Dancer Upstairs

Mapping the Artist: Stephen Linsteadt

An interview with artist and poet Stephen Linsteadt:

Stephen’s sensitive and unusual openness invites and affirms the life and creativity of other artists and writers, as he brilliantly encourages us to participate in his artistic journey. . .


Osiris Suffocating in a Lead Coffin

The alchemist’s vessel or alembic is hermetically sealed (sealed in lead) where the spirit imprisoned in matter is cooked and suffocated. On a psychological level, it is the process of suffocating or cooking our natural tendency to blame other people and outside events for our problems. I

dionysus and the leopard_1

Dionysus and the Leopard

The Egyptian goddess, Bastet, has a human body and the head of a cat. The feline head contains the feminine aspect with its innate preponderance of thinking of fantasy, festivity, emotions, sense of community, music, magic, and about spiritual activity. This is in contrast to the rigid scientific and mechanistic thinking mode of the male.…